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Reiki is an ancestral art of healing by channelling Universal Energy through the hands. It was discovered in Japan in the beginning of the 20th century by Mikao Usui. This healing art is based on an ancient Tibetan healing technique that Sensei Usui discovered through his research in Sanskrit texts of antique Buddhist sutras of Tibetan origin.

Reiki is the Cosmic Universal Energy, invisible and omnipresent. The word Rei (universal, without limits) Ki (vital energy) is Japanese, as is the technique we know today, but the practice of energy transmission comes from very ancient times. Reiki is the energy that many religions have talked about with names such as ‘prana’ for Hindus, ‘mana’ for the Kahunas, ‘bio-plasmic energy’ for Russian scientists and ‘chi’ for the Chinese.

Reiki is an energy that has a specific frequency and exists everywhere. Its frequency balances all other energies. This energy is generated inside all forms of life because every living being is made of energy and has its own vital energy. Therefore, the Universal Energy of Life is the essence that maintains the life of every being.

All human beings are able to use Reiki energy to help themselves and other people. No special condition is required to use Reiki. The power is activated through initiations, or attunements, making Reiki different from other healing techniques. The Reiki energy flows (after the initiation practiced by a Reiki Master) through the hands of the healer, working in all of the dimensions of the human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki also works inside the conscious and subconscious mind of every human being, giving back the homeostatic state and original wellness to both mind and body. Reiki allows each individual to free himself from his own tensions and repressed emotions, giving him an effective and fast means to eliminate the cause of disease.

Reiki is simply omnipresent but we are not aware of it until we contact it through an initiation whereupon it is received and used as a healing energy. To be initiated in Reiki is to make an instant contact with a subtler dimension of existence, calling the vital energy, light and love to be at their service as a channel of mind and body healing, and as an instrument of expansion of the human consciousness.

The path of the Reiki allows us to express unconditional love through Universal Energy. Love to ourselves as manifestations of that Universal Energy (the path of the Reiki is mainly a path that leads us to our own growth), and also love to others because we act as channels of that energy for their benefit.

Adapted from The Spanish Reiki Alliance. For further information go to www.alianzadereiki.eu